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With Crysis and Unreal just around the corner I've been thinking of updating my dell dimension 9200. Its a pentium D 2.6 1 gig of ram and has a x1300 which is a useless card for games. Friends who have Gaming rigs say I should just get a new computer but I only want to play two games so can't justify the cost, and was just wondering is it possible to just get a new case, processor and graphics card plus more ram and use the psu, motherboard, Disk drive etc from my old PC. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Change the graphics card and add another giga ram.

Newer games support dual core cpus, if you wanted that you'd need to change ya board and ram.

More ram will make windows access the hard disk less for swap files. I remember playing Hexen yrs ago and the screen would pause for a split second everytime it accessed the hdd. Adding more ram made it smooth.

You could also get a faster hard disk. There's loads of things you can do and hardware is cheap nowadays.


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If you have vista then get a readyboost enabled 2 or 4 gig USB stick to go with your extra RAM too :)
Check what graphics cards will fit and sling one in - if you look around you'll find that the X1950Pro is a good card according to practically everyone (but not those that need DX10)!!!


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x1300 isnt useless i have it on my dell and i play on bf2142 with high settings and 1024x768 resolution and it is smooth so what you talking about but i need low profile cards becuase i have dell c521 so im waitin for 8600gt low profile card to be released by galaxy


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I do not know about the case for the 9200, but for my E520 it will not fit a dual slot graphics card. Therefore you are limited to single slot ones only due to space restrictions.

I stuck a X1950Pro 256MB in mine along with upgrading the PSU. It's able to play Bioshock on max settings at 1440x900, however the RAM on the card limits me playing it at the native resolution of my screen (1680x1050).

I'd doubt that I'll be able to get a great performance for Crysis, but it will do until I build my new PC with a G92/R700 graphics card early next year.

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