Upgrading 5.1 Sony DB930 Amp - Help and Advice pleace


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I have the following equipment all about 5 years old and am looking at upgrading the Amp and DVD player to support a new Philips 37PF9830 LCD. My requirements are movies much more than music (90/10 split). My budget was about £500-£750 to replace the Amp and DVD as I don't want to spend too much on a DVD with HD-DVD in 18 months or whenever!). However I don't want to buy an Amp that does not drive the speakers.

Existing equipment
Sony DB930 AV Amp receiver
Fronts : B&W 603 S2
Centre : B&W CC6 S2
Rears : B&W DM601 S2
Sub: None
DVD: Sony DVP-S725D (probably replace this with a Denon 1920 to upscale)
Sky+ RGB/Optical

Looking at the mags the Yamaha DSPAX757SE seems to be highly recommended (I know it is not a tuner). My questions are:

1) How will this work with my speakers? Would you recommend a different Amp?
2) I have never had a sub and haven't missed it as the DM603's seem great with the low frequencies. Am I wrong on this?
3) How much difference am I going to notice over the Sony Amp. Do I need to take advantage of the 7.1. My room is only wired for 5.1?
4) All my AV will be HDMI in the near future - is it worth switching it through the Amp as the TV only has 1 HDMI in (assuming Sky+ HD in Feb, DVD, X-Box 360). (It also has a DVI)

All help really appreciated as I can not go to a specialist and listen to lots of equipment as I am in Guernsey! I have to decide using Magazines and advice in these forums.


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i thought i didnt need a sub, got one and even though its quite cheap its fantastic for movies, adds a new dimension and excitement to all your dvds.

xbox 360 will use component.

i think your speakers deserve a better amp than the 757, but i may be wrong :)

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The reason you haven't missed a sub is coz you don't know what you're missing! You don't have to go crazy moneywise to get something that will add nicely to the sound and if you get something half decent then it will take some of the strain off your amp and speakers giving an all round improvement.


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Ok, Thanks for the advice about a Sub - that gives me another thing for my list!

What about the main issue of AMP replacement and matching them to the speakers. Chedmaster - you mentioned a better amp, I notice the Yamaha has a better or comperable power rating and is highly rated in the reviews, but is it because I have in theory good speakers that you normally go higher level (price) in the Amp department even if Music quality is not the overiding factor?

Thanks for reminding me that X-Box is Component

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The STRDB-930 retailed at £600 in its day. Spend the same amount on an amp today of any reputable make and you will get an improvement with film because of Pro-Logic II and improvements in decoding and amplification. However the biggest improvements are in musical ability.

A point to remember is the amplification on the 930 was a genuine rating. They had been stung by criticism of the 925 and beefed up the 930 so that its 100 watt rating was accurate. Also an attribute of the 930 was its build quality, something Sony lost sight of in that price bracket for a couple of models after the 940. It was comparable to the Denon 3805 that replaced mine and that was quite a feat. It is this you may struggle to repeat if that is important to you.

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