upgrades for my lounge


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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for my home setup?

I have an odd corner for mounting my TV in. Does anyone know of a good way to wall mount a TV and perhaps some speakers? It is an external wall in a metal studwork home.





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ah great just what i was looking for. A fun summer project :)

I moved it to another corner in the room, and want to start from here.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/6b4q2gimp8llr3g/2012-07-29 21.11.38.jpg

Thanks again

One more thing,

I am a bit uncertain as to if I should start by removing the skirting board and carpet for such a build? Also, I still dont know if the walls are dot and dab, or steel studwork or wood studwork. I believe the external wall, the one with the fireplace is dot and dab, thats plasterboard glued directly on to the breeze block if I am right? and the partition wall, I guess is either wood or steel.

I believe its steel only becasue on the 1st floor I saw alot of steel framework behind the plasterboard when we had the shower tray removed and replaced 2 months ago. I am not sure on the best way to fix to all these different wall types. Before I just had wood studs which I used my detector on and drilled in to for a wall fitting.
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I think you will never know until you take a leap of faith and uncover the construction. You can always reinforce it if it's not strong enough to carry weight. With such things sometimes you just have to plunge in with the hammer! Best of luck to you!


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Well, this is the idea here.

You can follow it on from the above pic of the room to see how it will work.

I think I will cut away the skirting and the coving and build it in 3 parts. The bottom unit, middle, and top - then screw them together in place. They should all slot in nicely if I know how to measure correctly.

Going to construct a 2x2 frame for it. Then clad it in ply and MDF for the tv middle section.


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Looks like a really nice design! I think it's smart of you to construct a whole free standing frame, it would rely much less on the existing construction and would save you trouble :)
I would love to see a picture when it's done.

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