Question Upgraded to 350mb and using sh3 in modem mode but only getting 200mb? In router mode it's above 300mb.


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I've got a SH3 that I'm using in modem mode connected to a dlink 878 router. I got a decent upgrade deal from vm to move from 200mb to 350mb. However, my speeds get nowhere near 300mb let alone 350 in modem mode. I'm getting around 200 max. If I remove the dlink and use the sh3 as a router I hit over 300mb (over Ethernet,) so the issue is with the dlink router restricting the speed. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do to increase speed in modem mode?


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What are you using to test? I would recommend installing something like IDM (Internet Download Manager) then download a large file from Microsoft, Adobe etc you should be hitting around 45MB/s on a wired connection


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Thanks for all the replies guys but it seems to have sorted itself out... I'm now getting over 300mb wired and over WiFi so I'm happy now.. Must have just been a transitional period from switching up speeds..


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Weird things happen with some speed test sites when the router is put in modem only mode.

Virgin’s own servers have low speeds for me with one configuration, yet TNP gave the “correct” speed. It is all repeatable and no one has really given a suitable explanation for it yet...

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