Upgraded speakers to Oberon 3, amp next?


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I was running Mission LX2 with a NAD C320bee but recently changed the speakers to Oberon 3s.

The NAD is a great little amp for the money but i'm wondering if an amp upgrade might squeeze a little more out the speakers?

If so, i'm not sure what would be a worthwhile upgrade - obviously don't want to go OTT but there's also no point in changing the NAD for a marginal improvement.

Was originally looking at something like the Yamaha AS500 or Marantz PM6005, but I wasn't sure if these would necessarily be worth it?

I have also been looking at the Rega Brio as a bit of a curveball - have a chance of one at a decent price potentially, it's a stretch in terms of budget but would be open to it if it would bring the best out the speakers. Lots of forums posts say the Brio + Oberon 5s is a good combination but can't find too much about the Oberon 3s - would this work or is it potentially too much amp for the speakers?

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I don’t think the Yamaha or the Marantz would give you very much improvement, maybe slightly different sound signatures. The Brio is a cracking amp and will easily drive your next set of speakers when you upgrade


The Brio is a bit more enthusiastic than the Marantz. You'll be in safe hands with Marantz and it's warm signature but the Brio will give you better mids giving a more dynamic feel.


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Dalies are known for forwarding presentation (Dali Opticon 6 and Yamaha As3000/CDS3000 owner here). I had Yamaha As501 before I have upgraded to As3000 and it was bright to say at least. Personally I'm quite prone to treble and poor recordings but I could not enjoy my Opticons with As501, Yamaha AS3000 sorted my problem but then it costs a lot.

As @gibbsy said Marantz would be a safer bet, yet I think it is not worth upgrading as it would be more or less a side step with a different sound signature. Upgrading amps yields better sound but it would not night and day difference with your speakers coming from your NAD to £500 amplifier. If I were you I would save up for something better. For example, Roksan Caspian M2 or something in the same league. Caspian can be had for £1200 refurbished or ex-demo with a warranty. When I auditioned it against Yamaha As501 and few other amps I could tell its sweet clear and coherent sound in comparison to As501 yet As3000 won my heart with more clarity, control of low end, imagining, and soundstage. Although the difference between Caspian M2 and AS3000 was there but not as huge as Caspian M2 and AS501. This is just my opinion, but the best thing is to find out for yourself by testing As500 or 6006.

HiFi is all about the journey. I would just listen and decide from there, yet I'm aware not everyone has a nearby dealer but this is the only way to find out what you like. AV audio has a 14 day trial for £100 fee, up to 3 products which is refundable if you decide to buy but you also have to pay a full deposit of all products taken for a home trial.

Many people go off what people say/recommend. I heard great things about different HIFI gear which to my ears made no difference to little. Lastly, what is your look like? I had real trouble with mine but after I tackled it, it made a huge difference, especially as now I have eliminated boomy low end through proper speaker placement and few panels which my Misses tolerates.

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Thanks for the advice everyone; appreciated and it's good to get some reassurance that the NAD is capable with the speakers!

After doing some reading and more research today I think an amp is going on hold and room correction is the best focus for now; I've been struggling with the bass on the Dalis and there seems to be some nasty reflections at 50hz - the Missions didn't go as low as the Dalis, so ironically it's an issue caused by the upgrade!

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