Upgraded Sky+ - and clicking noise


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13 month old PACE V2 Sky+ box upgraded with a Maxtor 160gB 7200rpm drive (upgraded 5 weeks ago).

Overall it is still fantastic - 56% free with 20+ movies, 1 football game and another 10+programmes. I have had no problems as such and do not regret doing the upgrade at all.

However I do notice that when watching a recorded programme whilst recording another, and then I fast forward through the adverts the box makes a sort of 'clicking' noise - similar to that a PC HDD drive makes (especially when first turned on).

It is barely audible, and not at all when the sound is comeing out of the TV - just wondered if anyone else had noticed this?



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I get the same clicking noise on my maxtor 160 gig 5400rpm, drive its very faint and i can only hear it when its very quiet ie when fast forwarding, its not audible during normal viewing as the tv audio masks it, its very normal and is indeed the hard drive being accessed/written to.

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