Upgraded my projector!!!


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Just upgraded after much deliberation my projector from a Sony VPL-HS2 to a VPL-HS60 and wow!!
First thing i noticed,also commented on by the wife,is how much quieter this projector is.
Connected up my Xbox 360 HD_DVD drive and was amazed at the picture quality.
Very very happy with this projector, have had the HS2 since 2002 and was still going strong on second bulb, but this one is a real step up in my opinion, got it for a very good price also from a local specialist retailer.
One question though, this new projector has so many new settings, can someone please advise the optimal settings for DVD/ HD-DVD viewing, also can someone please explain the benefits of the auto iris in the cinema black pro settings.:)


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Auto iris is just that - an automatic iris behind the lens that will close to decrease the amount of light passing out of the PJ. This allows a higher contrast ratio in that the blacks get much blacker, of course it also means the brightness of the image drops so in saying it increases contrast is not strictly true. A good auto iris needs to repsond very quickly and quietly. The Sony is a good one.

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What the Sony also does that makes the auto iris work so well is to adjust the video signal/gamma depening on the image content. With a dark scene that contains some bright elements, the iris will shut down and dim the image, and then boost the video signal so that whites become brighter. This can have some effects on the brightest whites in the image (some detail may be compresed and lossed), but overall scenes tend to look better as blacks are blacker but the bright content still looks bright.

Some iris's on other projectors don't work as well as the Sony, and currently it looks like they have the best implementation of an auto iris (the Sony Pearl is another good example).


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