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Upgraded from 1gb to 4gb - still slow?


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Hey all,

I have bought a dell inspiron 1720 laptop with vista. It came with 1gb ram and luckily I got hold of 4gb of ram for a good price. I know the 32bit vista can't recognise it all, it is currently registering 3574mb, but I thought it would make an improvement? Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have made any difference? The proccessor is is a dual cpu T2330 @ 1.60GHz. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?
Also the screen flashes on start up, I have disabled TMM as recommended but it still flashes on start up? Any ideas to stop that?:lease:

Many thanks


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Which part is slow? Is it slow at a specific task or is the interface just generally sluggish? If you turn off aero does it improve? (change the settings from vista aero to vista basic)

What graphics does your laptop have?


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Thanks for replying.

I can't seem to notice a difference at all from the upgrade, from start up to turning off, its like its dragging its feet on doing anything. The only thing i can compare it to is my desktop pc, my desktop was built for me and has 4gb ram and is very quick at everything, admitedly it has better specs but the laptop is know where near it.

Can't seem to find what the graphics card is?

How do I change the aero options and what are they?

Many thanks


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Turning vista off should be under display settings, I don't have a vista machine handy so I can't check the exact names. Try getting up run (in accessories I think) and running dxdiag to find the graphics card.

I don't have any particular experience with that CPU so I don't know how it performs at 1.6Ghz.

Unless the laptop is slower than it should be (i.e. it has a problem) then the only other things you could probably do would be to either fit a faster hard drive (which may help with loading times) or run a less demanding operating system like an older version of Windows or some flavour of Linux. Unlike desktops laptops aren't really upgradable.


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With normal everyday use you shouldnt see a big increase in speed, but when u do cpu/ram intensive tasks then you should see the difference

Mr Lazy

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Does it have virus-scan software running and if so have you tried disabling it to see if this makes any difference?

Re the flashing screen, go to the Dell Support pages
and make sure you have the most up to date BIOS and Video drivers.

Also run Windows Update - I have the 1501 and MS released an updated video driver which fixed a flashing screen problem with Vista (but this may have been specific to AMD chipsets).


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You don't have a very fast processor
"Dual core" is not the same as "core2 duo"
The T2230 shares the same core architecture as the Celeron M540, in many cases (non-multitasking) the 1.87GHz Celeron will beat the 1.6GHz dual core.
Power saving, if you have the settings on power saving your processor could be running at 1/2 speed when on battery.

Vista tends to run like a dog on laptops, I replaced my Vista with XP and have never looked back.


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I'd recommend going through the recommended vista tweaks at notebookreview forums here:

You'd be amazed at how much stuff Vista is running in the background that you don't really need.

Please note: Make these changes at your own risk. I have personally done most to my own PC, with no ill effect, but you need to know a bit about windows to try these.

Mr Lazy

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Just remembered one more thing - what is the pagefile (virtual memory) set to? Has Windows re-adjusted it since the memory upgrade? In theory it should only make such a noticeable difference if set very small, but you never know.


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Just remembered one more thing - what is the pagefile (virtual memory) set to? Has Windows re-adjusted it since the memory upgrade? In theory it should only make such a noticeable if set very small, but you never know.

He might be able to run without any paging file


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Your all missing the obvious here.. if the laptop was in use before the memory upgrade theres a chance you could have some nasty software on there bogging down your system.. it could be that you jus have too much crap loading on startup

If your system is poorly maintained it doesnt matter how much ram you throw at it it will still respond poorly. think of it this way. if your car has 2 flat tires you dont tune it to go faster to compensate do you? check your system thoroughly.

i know crap analogy but im sure you understand


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I'd back up what you want and format the PC and reinstall windows. You should notice a pretty big speed increase even if that isn't what the current problem is.


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I have a 2gb laptop running on a Centrino T7300 which is a much better processor because of the 800FSB.

When I got it the thing was terribly slow, actually suffered from some major driver issues which really shocked me.

I got a copy of Business 64bit for free (legal), fully wiped the HDD and the laptop has been basically fine for 6months now. The major issue was Acer had filled the laptop with crap, and incompatible drivers:eek:, currently running my graphics on the Windows ATI driver, and it still runs Aero fine.

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