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I bought a Pioneer DV717 about 3½ years ago and until now it has been connected straight to the TV and sound output through the TV's onboard Dolby prologic system.

However, the need to change the TV (when the previous model blew up, literally!), made me investigate a proper home cinema set up. I set a reasonable budget, but having placed an order for a set of Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micros, and a Denon 3802, I am already some £700 overbudget! I had originally planned to add a Pioneer DVD656A player to the system as I fancied the DVD-A and SACD play back facilities, but having overspent by so much, I am wonering now whether the old 717 will do for now until finances have got back onto a more even keel.

Anyone have any thoughts on how much better today's players are than a 717? I do not even know whether it will output a DTS signal - there is no DTS logo on it, although it does have Dolby Digital logo on the front.

Any help much appreciated.
just to make you feel better my mate borrowed a 656a last week to take advantage of the new formats, however he didnt like the picture quality as much as his 717 so the 656a went back.
It will do DTS as well.

btw the 626a seemed to add edge enhancement that he really couldnt get on with, afer a couple of hours playing with the unit he boxed it back up.

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