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Question Upgrade: Worth It With Current Speakers?


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I’m toying with the idea of upgrading my Yamaha RX-V373 for something better. I’m running it with 20 year old Mission 780 series speakers, which I think are still decent, if not still in a different class to the Yammy.
I’ve about £450 to spend, but don’t know if I need to wait and upgrade the whole lot to get a better balanced system.
The Yamaha was pretty cheap but has served well for movies, but I want better music performance.
I was looking at a Sony for £429 in Richer Sounds (a 1080 something or other...)
Any thoughts?


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Speakers do infortianely perish and don't last forever. Even if good enough to be partnered with a higher tir receiver, you'd still probably be wanting to start replacing them if 20 years old. Maybe by a new receiver and then start to replace the speakers in stages as opposed to all in one go?

The Sony STRDN1080 would be considered higher tier than entry level, but not as being anything more than a mid level receiver. If wanting some kind of guidance as to how much you should spend on a 5.1 speaker package then one rule of thumb suggests spending no more than 3 times more than what the AV receiver's manufactuer suggests the receiver be retailed for and no less than double that amount when shopping for a speaker package to partner with a receiver.

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I will disagree with @dante01 on looking to replace speakers after 20 years. I would replace them when you are no longer happy with their sound or when they are no longer serviceable. As a case in point most of the Rogers LS3/5A's that were used in BBC studios around the world are well over 20 years old and are still some of the best sounding speakers out there, even by today's standards. The original Rogers engineers reckoned that a pair of LS3/5A's weren't run in properly until they were at least a couple of years old!!! LS3/5A's are now so sought after that their prices, for vintage LS3/5A's, have sky-rocketed. Not because people want them as trophies, but because they really are that good even 40 years on.

I have some MA Silvers that are 20+ years old and I still prefer the sound of them to more modern Silvers. They are still in very good condition and to my ear sound as good as, if not better than when they were bought.

But it is each to their own


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Thanks for that. I guess I’m sticking with my current speakers, as I reckon there’s mileage in them yet.
The full set up is Mission 780s front mains, Mission 78c centre, Mission 77DS rears and a Rel T-zero sub.
If I swap the Yamaha RX-V373 for the Sony STRDN1080 would I get a decent upgrade in sound?


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The Sony receiver is relatively well regarded in terms of it signature sound and audio abilities. As to whether you'd prefer that to the way in which Yamaha receiver's are tuned to sound is another matter. This will be subjective and only be something you yourself can determine. Go try arrange a demo before you buy if you can. It will be hard to demo the receiver using your speakers though.
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