Upgrade... to three or not to three


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Okay so I have the PSP charging now (took a while to find it *lol*) which is currently at 2.81.

I have downloaded the 3.03 upgrade, the 3.03 downgrader, the 1.50 eboot, have a LCS unpatched UMD, and downloaded a couple of updates.

I have 3.03OE-C and 3.10OE-A.

Searched around a number of places and some seem to advocate one over the other and vice versa. Before I start on the process which version should I ultimately go to? I have a PS3 and so want connectivity with that and want to be able to play PS1 software.

3.10OE-A seems the obvious KISS choice but would that be a correct assumption?


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NM... got bored so upgraded to 3.10

Can a mod please delete


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assuming you went for the OE version, then you can always go back down to 3.03oe if you wanted... You just run the oe installation process for 3.03oe again and it will downgrade. You will of course loose your flash1 settings the same as when you downgraded to 1.50, but you just need to press the x key (or whichever) to create a good flash1.

I personally am sticking with 3.03oe as I can get better customisation of the xmb (i.e. the topmenu icons) which with 3.10 you cannot customise the topicons.

But if this is of no importance to you, then you needn't worry about the 3.03 and stick with 3.10 :)


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Well as much as I really do not like the xmb (on both PS3 and PSP) I am not really bothered about the customisation so will stick with 3.10 as you say.

Rather pleased with it actually as after a brief look at the remote play stuff I went on a FF kick and managed (after a lot of trial and error with different software) to get my FFVII disks ripped and running through the PSP. FFVIII is not working though through the same route which is a shame but FFVII will keep me busy for a while.

Thanks for the reply!


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My PSP has gone through a few changes.

Firmware 1.0 > 1.5 > 2.0 > 1.5 > 3.10oe-A > 3.10oe-A' > 3.3oeC

since then its got a nice 4gig mem stick and customised XMB, Boot Logo, Cold Boot etc :)


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Never did that many changes on the PSP simply because I hardly used the thing.

Now though that may be different.

Finally cracked (excuse the pun) the FF VIII issue for Euro software. Took some hunting but the problem with that game is that the PAL release had a protection system that needed circumventing before generating the PSP eboot file. Difficult to know what to say on it since it's a pirating issue that is not being used for pirate purposes *lol* (I have seven copies of FFVIII and six of VII on PSP plus both on PC so definately not a piracy issue).

Sony could have made a mint if they had gotten such games out for the PSP but instead some talented coders get there and bet them at their own game, well if nothing else these last couple of years should show Sony that if you snooze.. you lose!

First time in a long time that I am actually glad I got a PSP at launch now.

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