Upgrade to Samsung Q800T or wait for 2021 model


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I currently own a LE40D550 Samsung and am considering an upgrade to 65 inch. I have the opportunity to go purchase slightly used Samsung Q800T (2020) 8K for approx. 1000 pounds. Alternatively, I can wait until 2021 models will be discounted and go for a 4K as the only reason I am considering the Q800T at the moment is the price and lack of availability for 2020 models recommended on this forum by Dodgexander's guide.

I am looking to get some opinions from this community as to for and against for above options. The Q800T has good upscaling but it has no Dolby support and I've read the DSE and banding are common.


A weakness of Samsung models in general is poorer uniformity in the middle of the screen which can cause DSE, especially if you're using the TV to watch sport. Thats true of the Q800T and true even of the newer 2021 models.
At that price though, you are not going to get anywhere near Q800T quality buying new. £1000 would be a good figure for a high quality 55", let alone 65" so although the Samsung is not top of the range, its certainly a lot better than similar priced options.

Recently someone even saw the Samsung 65Q95T selling for £1200 and that was already a good deal. The Q800T would perform similar to that TV, but is an 8k model, so the usual caveats to 8k apply, more upscaling of poorer quality material can make for a softer picture, but high quality material upscales fine.


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Just picked up the 75” version to replace my ageing oled and to be fair the picture is better than I was expecting. Blacks are good and it does seem a lot brighter than my oled that’s for sure. Still dialling in the picture but seeing this model in the clearance section made it hard to refuse.
Only thing I didn’t know was no DTS support. But my Apple TV can change the sound to Dolby for my amp… which is also due a 4K upgrade!

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