Upgrade to LG C1/G1 or JZ1500


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Hi, I have been given permission to upgrade my 55” LG C9 to a 65” tv.

The C9 is a fantastic tv and can’t fault it, but I want to upgrade to a 65”. I mainly use the tv for watching Sky Q, Netflix, Prime and Disney+, with the occasional use of PS5.

I was initially leaning towards the C1, but after viewing the JZ980 I was really impressed with the picture, which lead me towards the JZ1500. I can get the 65JZ1500 direct from Panasonic with a 5 year warranty for £1950, but need to order by NYE.

My only concern with the Panasonic is the provision of only 2 x 2.1 HDMI ports as I have a PS5, SKY Q, Nvidia Shield Pro and Q90R soundbar to connect.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


One of the HDMI 2.1 ports will be the eARC port that you plug your Q90R soundbar into. That leaves one port to plug your PS5. The rest of your devices don't need HDMI 2.1 and use HDMI 2.0 only.

Panasonic JZ1500 is up there with Sony's A90J and a good premium option. Gets very good reviews if you're looking for something that's a step up from the mid-range OLEDs like the C1. Its downsides as far as I can see are:

1. No DTS support, you won't be able to switch DTS audio via the TV, instead plugging in devcies directly to your sounbar.
2. Smart TV is pretty basic, lacking app choice.
3. Current issue with 4k 120hz which will affect your PS5 use until they fix it. You can always go back to 4k 60 in the meantime.
4. Has some problems with shadow detail in certain titles. Especially dark scenes of more compressed content like streams. This is shared with all TVs at the minute though, including the Sony A90J.


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Dodge, thanks for taking the time to reply, all great valid points to take on board.

I do seem to remember reading that the 4K 120hz half vertical resolution has been fixed with a recent firmware upgrade.

Which tv would you go for if you were in my situation?


The JZ1500 is certainly attractive in the sense it's the only TV from any manufacturer to use a tuned panel and heatsink without also adding on extra audio performance. So, in that sense for enthusiasts who often want to keep sound separate anyway it's a great buy. It should fill a gap in the market just beneath the options with better sound, due to a reduction in production cost.

However, I'm really not confident myself in Panasonic's smart OS and I don't think support, apps or updates will be too common.

If you are happy to treat it as a display and have no real care about built in smart features, it's a very good TV.

Me personally? I'd probably go for a TV like the LG C1 instead to get better software, updates etc and to save some money. I think the new panels and heatsinks are a great addition, but I'm just not sure it's worth the price hike compared to the more mainstream models.

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