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Jan 3, 2004
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Hi Guys need some help........

I currently have a Celestion AVP305 speaker package.

For those of you who need a reminder\introduction

review is http://www.homecinemachoice.com/cgi-bin/displayreview.php?reviewid=3421

Basically these are made in the same factory as the kef eggs.
The subwoofer is in-fact a re-branded PSW2000 (kef eggs mk1 sub).

Now my question.

Would it be worth upgrading to the kef 2005.2 speakers in terms of musical quality ?????.

To me it seems that there would obviously be an upgrade but would it be substantial ?
Is it worth the extra cost ?
Emailed Creative Audio for their thoughts

I had to conflicting replies:-

1) - "I don't personally think there would be any great advantage in changing your system to the KHT. Changing the sub might well be advantageous, but it would cost a lot of money. In reality, your electronics may be weaker than the speakers"

2)- "The package you have may well be made in the same factory as the KHT eggs, but it is certainly not the same as a 2005 - the satellite speakers don't even use Uni-Q technology for a start, which is a rather fundamental difference. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the subs are more similar than the satellites"

Somebody has also suggested elsewhere that there would be a clear great advantage in upgrading the subwoofer. As this was a great change in the Mk1 and MK 2 kef eggs.
Keep the 305 sats and upgrade to a better sub like a Velodyne or an SVS - that would be an upgrade you'd notice.

And no, don't ask me which sub to get, go read the 31378 other threads about 'em! :D

Neither your setup or the Eggs MKI or II are particularly good in stereo, so if you are really serious about CD's, you may want to change to full range bookshelf speakers for the front 3 instead?
thanks for the reply.

Velodyne or an SVS are probably out my budget and too big for my room. Max subwoofer size I could handle is around 30x30x30
(1 cubic ft). My budget would be around £300.

Changing to bookshelf isn't an option as my room wouldn't accommate them too large so I have to stick with satalites.

Can anybody else confirm that there is no real advantage to changing sats to kef eggs ?

Before I look into upgrading my subwoofer and is this worth while considering, I have to stick to the same size and my buget constraint. !!!!!!!

If there was no women in this world our AV equipment would sound alot better !!!!!
Originally posted by depsi
In reality, your electronics may be weaker than the speakers

Why did Creative Audio suggest you may have electronic problems? What kit do you have?
don't think theres any problems with the kit

HK AVR507 & HK DVD 506.

Speaker cable is Jamo 1.5 M2 Silver cable (just incase my speaker cable is an issue)
I agree. Your kit is great and could easily stand an upgrade or two on the speaker front.

Basically depsi, I think the Eggs would be a sideways step and not worth the extra money IMO.

Quit worrying about your setup, buy some more DVD's and enjoy it.

Thanks for the reassurance. Just being paranoid that I could get a substantial upgrade as I keep hearing how detailed the kef eggs are.

I thought that they could add a lot more detail to music then my current set-up.

Maybe the sub could still do with an upgrade though !!!!!!!!!!!.

Or the speaker cable to QED Silver even though my Jamo stuff was £2.5 p\m.
although the eggs mk2 are not the strongest in stereo they do sound amazing given the size, and the subwoofer is very good given its compact size. I personally are going to purchase the mk2 eggs as my room is to small for a full size set up. If the stereo performance is a problem i will purchase two standmount/bookshelf speakers as my receiver (Sony STRDB1080) has two sets of front speaker terminals.
This is EXACTLY my point. People are buying these Eggs without a demo because every magazine and his editor says they are the nuts! :mad:

Dan, you say your room is too small for bigger speakers, so you'll buy the Eggs. Then in the next breath you admit you suspect you'll find the Eggs unsatisfactory in stereo when you get them home (even after a demo), so you'll buy some bigger speakers afterwards? :confused:
I have heard the eggs in a demo room and for movies i was impressed. Movies are my main interest my only concern over the eggs is the stereo performance. I don't listen to music that often so i think the eggs will be ok, although satelite speakers are great for movies i was thinking bigger speakers reproduce music better.:smoke:
I've been pondering the Eggs too, but in 7Oaks (leics) the preceived wisdom that the dimunitive (sp?) Monitor Audio Radius speakers would be better value for money (especially for music).

Anyone care to comment/decry ?
Monitor Audio Radius are v.good

from what I had read on the forums, most people say they are better then the kef eggs....

if you like the look of them I suggest you get a demo of both to make a comparison...

Do a search on Monitor Audio Radius to see threads
Originally posted by depsi

from what I had read on the forums, most people say they are better then the kef eggs....

if you like the look of them I suggest you get a demo of both to make a comparison...

I did a side-by-side com comparison of these yesterday and could not tell the difference. What made a v big difference was to substitute a Q6c for the centre speaker. Made speech from the freeview box and DVD much more natural, less boxy and sibilant (although there is still room for improvement (IMHO)). I could not find anything better that would fit my 20cm high front shelf.
i'm looking to pair a jamo a355 package with my HK 507 in a couple of weeks, i'll report back and tell you what i think then ;)

i like the jamo for the wall mounted sub and large front speakers. i think on another thread someone indicated that most people preferred the kef eggs to the jamo.
Had a few demo's of the following speakers

Kef 2005.2 - Sounded to my ears slightly better then the rest easier to the ear and more mid.

Celestion AVP 305 - I know I currently own these but just wanted to compare- Any way these we're the brightest out of the lot and not as much mid.

Infinity Oreus - Had a lot of detail and a fair amount of mid. IMO very similar to the kef eggs.

I was very surprised at how similar all the above sounded, kef eggs probably was the best IMO. But it's a very tough decision.

Anyway I decided that it's not worth me changing my speakers, as there's no obvious difference.

What I did realise during the demo is the speakers sound almost complete without the sub. i.e there was allot of mid.

My Celestion set-up sounds very tinny without the sub in comparison to the set-up at the demo room ?????.

Was demoed using the Denon 3803, I have a AVR507. So there's not a huge difference I believe.

The only thing I can think of is the speaker cable, would this revieve the mid in my system.

I current use Jamo Silver Speaker cable 1.5m2 (cost £2.5 p/m) and am thinking of changing it to QED Silver Anniversary..

Would this cure the lack of mid in my system ?
Originally posted by depsi

Would this cure the lack of mid in my system ?

I would say no,small satalites and subs just dont do quality music,I use some KEF eggs and after a year with them,i cant see what the fuss over them is,the thing i'm finding in thier favor is the size,the looks,and the treble doesn't set your teeth on edge,sometimes i feel the centre sounds like a glorified TV speaker,if you want good mids get some quality floorstanders,IMHO this is the best way, especially for music,speaker cable certainlywon't do it.

I know satellites will never compare to bookshelf \floor standing but what i'm trying to say is that the speakers in the demo had alot more mid then my set-up at home.....

so either

1)I haven't set it up correctly
2)denon 3803 sounds way way better then a AVR 507 with more mid\treble
3) I’m using poor speaker cable.

I recon 1 and 2 isn't the case so it is probably most likely 3 and would like your opinions...
AVR507 is going to sound better with oreus as oreus are there own speakers! Denon i think use Kef for there development work. Oreus should be £100+ cheaper than 2005.2 eggs! for something different try Canton CD2.22 awesome but £1050!
Originally posted by depsi

what i'm trying to say is that the speakers in the demo had alot more mid then my set-up at home.....

It may also be down to a complety different room,acoustics play a massive part on the final sound,room acoustic can suck out,boom,you name it a room can have a great effect on the final sound you hear.

It is definatlety not cables,you present cable should be fine,why do think a cable change will give you a better midrange?have you been reading what hi-fi?,I used my KEFS with some £15 p/m Audioquest indigo and the improvements were slight over some cheap bell wire,the speakers just can't reveal such minute differences,it was clearer,but that was about it.

I still honestly believe for music,you are getting poor integration between the sub and satallites,I use a REL strata along with my eggs,and attached them to a £1600 Copland valve amp,and the sound was still poor,I think IMHO in the long time when circumstances permit ,better speakers will better suit your needs

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