Upgrade to infinity renaissance 90?


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My renaissance 90 speakers blew up last week due to a failing amplifier.

I'm asking a quote to repair them, but this will be 2000+ euro, also renewing all magnets, electronics,... Basically I would get a new speaker set.

This would however be quiet a large investment, a good 2nd hand set is 1500 euro.

While looking for speakers I got thinking about buying an upgrade. I have a lot of heay amps, so this is not an issue.

Kappa 9.2i seems nice, goes much deeper and looks visually also quiet nice. But no sweet emim instead a polydome. Nice ones are 1500 to 2000

Irs omega: has the emim, some more even, bit bass seems the same?

Which other ones should I consider?

Reason I have plenty of amps is because I was going to build 2 subs with 2 lab12c in each and a 18" radiator...if I buy a 9.2i I think I better sell the parts and use the heavy amp for the low end.


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As for power amps, I have 2 qsc ex 1600 and 1 qsc mx 3000a, as a preamp i use a mini dsp. Should be plenty of power and stable at low ohms


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Lastly, I've been reading a lot on kappa 9 vs 9.2 series ii and it's not clear to le which would be best.

The kappa 9 seems to be a closed design, as is my renaissance 90, while the 9.2 is ported correct? Bit the kappa is getting very old, which kind of scares me as they are quiet expensive still...

On the polydome debate,they doneed to be replaced over time as the fabric deteriorates. But the foil in the emim also wrinkles?

I tried to use figures but that makes it worse. The irs omega has one more emit and a bigger woofer. The cabinet is the same size and the renaissance digs deeper???

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Going a different direction, there are some good deals here on focal electra 1028be speakers. Much newer and eash to drive, for about 1500 euro. They won't go as low as the big infinity but on the highs and mids they should also be superb. Technology on tweeters advanced quite a bit. Which modern speaker brand comes closest to the typical infinity sound?

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