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HI guys,

First a hello to everyone. This is my first post after lurking for some time so please be gentle.

OK, i've found a yam DSP-A1 in gold for sale. I think the seller will part with it for under £300. It's boxed in good condition and still has the original remote. Is this a worthwhile buy ? Currently i'm running a DSP-E800 with my 2 channel Kenwood. These power my B&W 602.5 mains, Tannoy MC series center and rears, and my crappy Yamaha 160 sub (really have gotta ditch it), but have been looking for one of the better amps for a while now. As this unit is no longer sold i haven't had the opertunity to demo one, so any feedback would be most welcome.

The dspa1 is a fantastic beast of an AV amp, which when new sold for £2k. And if you can find one for under £300 take his hand off, i would.
I used to have one about 4 years ago payed £900 for it which was good at the time , fantastic amp in all respects. Audio T in Tunbridge Wells have a Denon AVC-10SE in gold for £495 which is also a great offer and and even better amp in my oppinion.
It won't have Pro Logic 2 but is a better amp than most of the current amps that do have PL2.

£300 seems a good price but if you have any cash left over it might be worth trying to find a B&W centre speaker to match the front pair

i agree with the others that its well worth £300.ive had mine for over 4 years now and im still loving it.
only thing to watch out for is its dislike to arcam dvd players,gives terrible drop outs.

Thanks for all the advice guys.
I've made the guy an offer, just have to see if he accepts it.
The dspa1 is a fantastic beast of an AV amp, which when new sold for £2k.

Make that 1.6k. The AX1 was around the 2k mark if I am not mistaken.
Bought myself the A1 when it was just released for around 0.9k only - bargain of the last century ... :D

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