Upgrade to A8 OLED from 49 inch 8033


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Hello all.

Was in the market but currently lukewarm re the A8 55inch

I currently am happy with the 49inch 8033 (800D 2016) model. I have no complaints re the picture quality other than in dark scenes where I can really notice the backlight struggling to maintain a good picture.

Other issues are no HDR at 4K.

Unbelievably laggy Android TV interface at times

49inch may be a bit small. I sit around 8 feet away from the TV and when playing cyberpunk I could barely read any of the text,

FYI 65inch would be too big for my wall.

I saw the A8 at Currys UK and the image quality looked great but in fairness all the TVs with the stock videos looked good.

Main uses: Netflix, PS5 and downloaded 1080/4k rips.

My questions are:

  1. How would the brightness and image quality compare to my current TV
  2. Is it worth waiting a year for the new a80J. The price for that is much higher and Im not convinced I actually need VRR or 120hz for the PS5 and who knows what tech there will be by the next gen/ PS5 Pro
  3. I could get a new 55inch for around £950 but the a80j is £1900 (obviously I would wait until black friday where hopefully it will be lower. As far as I can tell the a80j doesnt add much apart from hdmi 2.1- I may be wrong
  4. Would the LG CX be a better compromise?- I am a bit anxious re non Sony TV as Im a big fan of the motion handling


1. A lot brighter in most circumstances, some specific content that demands a lot of brightness throughout the screen may be dimmer.
2. Probably worth the wait if you can for the sake of having HDMI 2.1 ports instead of 2.0, that is if you care about VRR or 120hz.
3. Correct, not much really added since 2017 with the OLEDs so picture quality will be quite similar. Durability may be a bit better.
4. Yes, although you compromise then with motion in video. Hard to know how you'd get along with motion on each TV. Some people are fine with LGs.

Long and short of it is its probably not worth the wait unless you want VRR.


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I ended up ordering the A8
It can do 120hz 1080. Realistically that will be enough for the Ps5.
VRR isnt a big enough factor to wait a year for me personally.
I cant stand the Q90 motion handling for football so decided to stick with sony!


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