Upgrade to a new 4k and 8k AV Amp "YET"?

chris walkden

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Recently bought a 4k Qled TV and wondering if to upgrade my trusty 2015 Onkyo tx NR 622.

The amp works fine, but I found out that even though the HDMI inputs on the back say 4k, it was not showing 4k video via my Virgin Media v6 BOX.

I have now plugged the V6 box directly into the tv and running a optical cable from the V6 Box to the amp, just annoying now that I have to manually change the source when on the tv to play sound from different sources, either the ps4, and PC that are connected.

Long story short, is it too early on to be investing in a 4k / 8k av amp since they are still new and from what I have read most budget amp only have one 2.1 hdmi compatible.

I like my Onkyo and trust the brand, a massive upgrade from the Pioneer I had before it. Just a problem at the moment with no Onkyos available. Not sure if to move over to Denon.

Would you wait till av amp with the new 4k tech have gotten a bit better?


Personally I'd hang on until the end of the year when new amps with 2.1 sorted will start to appear. Use your Onkyo for any non 4K inputs and connect the others direct to the TV. If you have a 4K player that has two HDMI out, one to the TV for 4K the second to the Onkyo for full HD audio. Use digital or ARC back to the Onkyo.

Bad time to buy a new AV amp, not only for the 2.1 problems although I believe Denon will be shipping working units in August, but prices are still going to be high because of demand and supply issues thanks to Covid.

chris walkden

Novice Member
Ah, cheers for the ARC tip. I never thought to plug the cable from the cable box into that and swap the other input to non-arc port. Hopefully, that will solve this annoying issue of having to select various sources on the tv and amp when switching it on

Joe Fernand

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With the launch of eARC the manufacturers are assuming you will connect your Source devices direct to the TV (to ensure you can make best use of Features such as VRR, LLDV etc) and then send uncompressed HD and Immersive audio to an eARC AVR (or Soundbar).

AVR manufacturers are struggling to work out how to keep the AVR as the switching 'Hub' of the system without messing up features such as VRR, LLDV etc

I would be thinking about where best to 'switch' your Sources, which Features you need to support and is your AVR really 'out of date".


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