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Upgrade to 120gb Hard Drive


Distinguished Member
I had wondered about doing this. But thought that MS would ban my console.

I know I can get the drive for about £35 (WDC WD1200BEVS - Google Product Search) and I have the tech knowledge to do the work. It's just wether MS will boot me from XBL for doing it?

I had a bleat on the Official XBox360 forums a while ago about this. No response. :(

Jimmy Jangle

Standard Member
No, heard about it a while back, recently got a 120gb HDD cheap so no need to do that.

However I will try when Microsoft roll out a larger capacity HDD (maybe some time next year, who knows?)


Prominent Member
The hack has been around for so long that its surprising they haven't started banning at all. I'm still undecided too, might wait till after the NXE update for a week or two to see if they start the bans for the copying games to the HDD.


Standard Member
I've got a measly 20gb hard drive, I think I need to update, but the microsoft hard drives are way too expensive for that to be an option


Standard Member
I bought one of off ebay - I specifically looked for one that was stated to be a genuine - product - hologram sticker etc, but when I put it in the drive name came up in a chinese/japanese character set until I formatted it. Hopefully an import and not a fake and I wont get banned!


Standard Member
I did this about a fortnight ago, so far so good, my xbox hasn't been banned. I think I'll wait before installing the new dashboard update and see what happens to everyone else. I've still got my 20gb drive so I can put it back if needed.

It wasn't as simple as I first thought and it ended up taking me a good few hours before I finally got it all working ok. I had issues with the chipset on my motherboard, my 360 didn't recognise it as larger, then it didn't but I couldn't copy files across on to it - all sorts of problems. I found that exact guide and found out it's not as easy as it sounds.

I eventually found this forum post/tutorial on xbox scene which helped me:
Tutorial For Upgrading Xbox 360 From 20gb To 120gb Using The Western D

To go back to your original question - to get all your save games etc across you need to get xplorer360. This can read the partitions and files on a 360 hard drive. Take the 20gb xbox hard drive apart, connect it to your pc and then copy everything off it. Then after you've got the 120Gb hard drive flashed and working in the 360 just connect it back to your PC and copy the your original saves etc back across.


Prominent Member
Im quite tempted at this, specially seeing as my 20 is getting quite full! Bit weary about the fall dashboard update though.


Established Member
I'm looking at this too, official 120gb at ebuyer is £89
and the WD is £32!

Cant see why they would ban you for using a different brand hd!


Standard Member
Cant see why they would ban you for using a different brand hd!

I know it sounds stupid but you never know with microsoft.

The problem is that there is an encrypted section of the firmware that you flash the WD drive with. It's thought to contain the serial number of the drive or xbox so the thinking is that they could check and then ban any consoles with the same number.

No one knows for sure.


Established Member

The thing is it doesn't make sense to ban the console for a HDD 'mod'. Fair enough ban the HDD, but not the console. If you mod the console though (DVD drive) fair enough ban the console. I mean, your mate could come round your house with a modded HDD, stick it on your box and you're banned. It would be silly. But it's not like your mate will come round your house, open up your console and start connecting the DVD drive to your PC :) Hence why it's reasonable for M$ to assume that the console owner modded his console on purpose, etc.

IMO, M$ will not in 1 million years ban anyone for this. They might be upset that they don't get the ridiculous mark-up on their HDDs anymore. But at the end of the day, they were beaten fair and square by the computer hobbyist. Also I don't count the usage of the bit of copyrighted code as theft (like a 'backup' IS). I thought I heard that it wasn't allowed to stop interoperability between hardware using copyright laws.

Anyway, I hope many people can upgrade their drive this way. Eventually M$ will start to charge fair prices for the HDD and crappy plastic proprietary housing. Mod on :thumbsup:

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