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Upgrade time, but which to get?


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I've got an upgrade coming in a couple of weeks. I've currently got the N95 8GB which has been great, but is starting to feel a bit dated and slow now.

I use my phone as my primary MP3 player and camera, as well as browse the web a lot.
I'm also really looking for a phone with a QWERTY keyboard (either physical or touchscreen) as I type a fair bit too.

The 2 phones i've looked at so far are the N97 and the KC910. I've read mixed reviews on both and wondered if anyone here had experience with the phones, or could suggest a better alternative for me?

Also as a primary camera the iPhone is a complete waste of time. No flash and not a very good sensor.

The N97 has a good camera, as nokias tend to, but the phone is a bit odd. It just doesnt seem to have the x factor the N95 had.

If you dont mind its size the HTC HD2 is out next week, better than the iPhone, better camera, but not on 3.

Assuming you have the choice of whatever is on 3s website the N97 looks like the best choice, they dont have a great range.


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I am also on three and due an upgrade on the 13th.
The N97 looks good for £146 on talk and text £20 PM.

But might wait for a bit to see what other phones come out in the next 2 months.

Then may change network.


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I'm in exactly the same situation as you on 3 as well. Didn't like the range of phones they have available. Might just sack off 3

Deciding between the HTC Diamond 2 or tattoo, N97 mini and the LG GC900 viewty. I like the HTC with android but the 8m pix on the LG is good with the querty keyboard.

Decisions, decisions....


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The N97 has a pretty bad reputation round here. :( If you're particularly keen on Symbian then a Samsung i8910 Omnia HD might be a better choice. Good camera and great for video clips.

Anyone considering the HTC Touch Diamond2 would probably be better advised to wait for the HD2, due out in a couple of weeks (unless the screen is too big for you).

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