Bargain upgrade teac ag-h550 > Sony STR-DN1040 worth it?


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There is a sony receiver on a bargain right now. I have the old teac receiver and to be honest i am happy with it especially that i have the matching cd player so i can use the remote for both etc... but here is a more recent model of sony receiver now what is quite cheap and has more up to date connectivity. Do you guys thing i would get any benefit on my 100w monitor audio bronze II speakers when it comes to sound quality?


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You've said you're quite happy with your present receiver but the more modern Sony has more up-to-date connectivity.
Just base your decision on whether you need this connectivity.


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Well, yes i think i'm ok for now, but i'm curious if the roughly 10yearsdifference means anything when it comes to how the speakers driven. The teac has 80w in stereo the sony is probably 65-75w range, Also i want the option to turn it to a 5.1 system in the medium term (the teac can do it, but i doubt the quality would be impressive). So i will upgrade at some point but i'm not rushing it as long as it will not improove the stereo experience for the time being.

Alex P79

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Sorry if rather late, but I am currently in the same predicament as you. I too have a Teac Ag-h550 and have owned it from new (about 20 years). I use mine in a 5.1 configuration with a mix of 8 and 4 ohm speakers. Last year I had issues with the centre channel distorting and the rest going quieter but I largely solved that with using much thicker rear speaker cable to my recently purchased 4ohm Piegas. I do think time is catching up with it a bit though as it sometimes hums, though not through the speakers.

I keep thinking about buying something new to take advantage of modern connections and room calibration but, after researching things, I am convinced that something like a Marantz SR8015 is the minimum to be a worthwhile upgrade power-wise. I would be interested in hearing how you get on if you do change it.

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