Upgrade suggestions from KEF Q150


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The speakers is going to sound boomy before break in, so this is going to sound better after few hours.

Still depending on the room, speaker. The bass can get boomy. If the midrange, treble don’t get strangled because too much bass, then I’d live with it. At lest for now.

However speaker placement is key. From my understanding this new speakers are front ported. This is not necessarily better then rear ported speakers.

Try and place yourself as close to the walls as possible. Then talk to yourself as you move further away from the walls. When your voice is loud and clear, this is whey you place the speakers in the listing room,

Still I can understand this is not as easy depending on the room layout. How far are the speakers from the walls now? How much break in?
Thanks for the insight. I did not know that about break in and bass being boomy before they are broke in. Right now the speakers are between 6-9 inches from back wall, and About 2-4 inches from side wall. I have played them for about 3-4 hours. Good to know that hopefully that little extra boominess will die down.

Below is a picture of my layout (note the speakers showing are my Kefs not the Elacs I am now using). Reason for that placement is that is equidistant between two listing positions, my desk and my loungechair.


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It’s not ideal. The speakers should be further apart. There’s lot of reflection from windows. Buy thick curtains. And thick rug on the floor. Always listen to music with the door closed. Also have the curtains cover the windows.

Wood tiles floor is not optimal for sound reproduction. Therefore thick rug is going to tighten up the soundstage. Fuller sound. The class table should also be moved.

You can’t place the speakers on the long wall of the room? It’s bit difficult to see, but I assume the widow on the left side is the long wall. Anyway do the best you can. We all need to compromises.

Absorbing panels behind the speakers should help. But if you like the sound, that’s what matters. Still you well notice quite difference in sound if you do the above.

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