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Jun 9, 2013
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I have a Naim 5i connected to a pair of kef ls50. As a source, I use the optical out from airport express which is fed from iTunes on iMac or my phone to an Arcam rDac. This can be controlled quite well by the remote app on my iPhone. Denon 2200 gets occasional use for cds, but an echo dot is also used a lot by the whole family direct into the Naim and we love the convenience e.g. "Alexa play some David Bowie from 1970s" and she does! This is fed to Naim 5i via headphone socket to rca, but the quality is not as good and it also produces a slight hum above minimum volume on the Naim which is left on. A wholesale upgrade to Naim atom seems too expensive (album art screen is pretty though), so I'm wondering if Yamaha wxc-50 or bluesound node 2i would be a worthwhile upgrade? I do like my Naim 5i a lot, but would also consider selling the lot for a suitable all in one that would preferably still allow some voice control of music. Thank you for reading this, I would value your input, budget for improvement about £500.
If you still want Alexa control then you still have to have an Alexa enabled device. The hum could be multiple causes but I would try another cable, try the Echo Dot on the same power supply as the Naim. Does it hum if you plug headphones in?
The hum has been eliminated! Many thanks Lankone. I changed the power adapter.

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