upgrade / seperate NAS / new HTPC server?


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first off Happy New Year AVF forum readers..... :hiya:

Now Christmas/New Year is behind me I am in need of some advice...

Basically I have an old Silverstone LC20S-M case with an ASUS M2V motherboard inside with an Athlon 64 x2 4200+ CPU installed and 3GB of RAM. My dilemma is that this aging HTPC as solid as it is has only has 2 x SATA on board and I am running out of storage space FAST !!!

What would you AVF people do to add more storage?
My case can take 6 x 3.5" HDD's so I could either upgrade my board, CPU, RAM but that seems a little wasteful ... I was looking at adding a DROBO FS to my aging config, but a friend of mine thinks they're too expensive and had recommended buying a mini HP server to retire my old PC running WHS.

I can't make up my mind, and don't want to be wasteful of the current PC which runs quiet and efficient via it's 380w Enermax PSU.

Any input would be greatly appreciated... pro's and con's alike.


Pci or PCie card with 2 or 4 SATA sockets, Job done. Maybe others can recommend prices/outlets . Least cost least fuss, possibly.


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As the mobo is full ATX (i think) i reckon what STdrez625 is a decent shout.

If it wasn't ATX i would suggest keeping the case as a nas case (6 bays=good) and buying a cheap mobo/cpu with lots of satas to power it.
Then put your existing setup in a new case for htpc. ATX cases are few and far between though :thumbsdow
That way your drives can be put somewhere remote where you don't have to worry about noise/heat.


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just checked it out and think it's an ATX as you said: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards- ASUS M2V

I did try an 2 x SATA expansion card once I picked up cheaply from somewhere and it gave me some real headached with intermittent booting and drives once it did boot not showing, so I lost faith in them... maybe I just bought a rubbish card.... any one recommend one for me from experience?

Thanks for the replies so far... appreciate all feedback.


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Why not replace with a core i5 2nd gen and gigabyte mobo - probably could do that for under $250. Then you get SATA 3. And I am pretty sure you can keep your existing case and PS. Added avantage is that with the right board and a legal copy of OS X, you can dual boot windows and OS X.
I would suggest listening to your Uncle Paul in the first place and stop faffing about ;-)

As previously discussed, I would either go for a motherboard/cpu/memory upgrade for the existing box or go for a HP N40L as both will cost you about the same but there are pro's and con's to both. With the new motherboard/cpu/memory combo you get more potential HDD capacity as you have 6x slots free but the box will probably be power hungry. The N40L is going to use a lot less power but will only take 4x drives in total. It does offer some expansion though for say a multi tuner TV card. You can at least use any OS you like on the box and you do get HP quality built in ;-) and it will only cost you about £150

Drobo FS for £400+ and 5x drive bays....... do me a favour


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all VERY good replies.... always appreciate people reading and replying with some input...

I think Uncle Paul tho is right about the motherboard/cpu/memory upgrade using my current Silverstone case.
Just need to pick the right components now for an "always on" solution that won't cost much to run (or buy)

Thanks to all, will post my new build once i've managed it. :smashin:

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