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Next week my Orange contract runs out and I have been looking at upgrades etc.

I want a K750i phone which I can get from Orange but, I keep seeing deals from the likes of Carphone Warhouse for reduced price tarrifs etc.

I don't have to stay woth Orange, in fact I was considering O2 as I am already on an O2 contract equivalent anyway.

Is O2'c coverage as good/better than Orange?

What are the pifalls of going with carphone warehouse?



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My experience with O2's coverage has been comparable with Orange. O2 are based in Slough though so they may have a bigger antenna here :rolleyes:
ul not notice any big difference at all mate going from any of the main 3 netowks (orange/voda/o2) as for carphone well just use em for the deal u want not sure what theyre like if its cash back deals etc tho


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Always been on o2 never had any problems with poor reception etc

Used to go through the Carphone Warehouse but found them to be a complete pain in the rear end so just ended up going through the o2 shop in the high street :thumbsup:
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