Upgrade PC with DVD Burner


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Have I have a AMD 2000XP PC and just wanted to know:

If I buy a DVD Rewriter do I need to buy anything else???

New Faster Hard Drive??

Graphics Card?



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You shouldn't really need to but if your motherboard allows you to upgrade your cpu I'd give that a thought too. If your going to be doing a lot of dvd ripping etc then a more powerfull cpu will get the job done quicker:)


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I'm not really sure tbh but I'd find out what motherboard your system has and see what the highest spec cpu that it's compatable with. Ripping dvd's is very cpu intensive so you need as much cpu power as you can get:(


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its not that bad lol. i rearly have problems with cpu power when it comes to ripping or recording. What really matters IMO is your HDD. having the burner on a seperate channel is definatly a must. But more than that a fast hard drive is needed. My 4 year old 80gb maxtor can struggle at times if im doing more than a few things while burning.

Other than that, i would have said the cpu would be perfectly fine. Proof is in the pudding though:)
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