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alien lanes

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Hi all, long time lurker here after a bit of advice on upgrade path for my current system.

I've currently got a chance to upgrade my system with a bit of saving. I have a Yamaha AS701 with a project 2xperience with Goldring 1022 cart. Kef R3 Speakers and a Yamaha 701 CD player. Speakers were latest buy and so not looking to upgrade there .

Usage is predominantly vinyl but I do stream apple music via airport express fairly regularly. It also acts as an amp for a projector.

My priority is to improve the sound on vinyl and streaming, in that order. Potentially up to £1000 but really the question is which part of the system would get most improvement - my thoughts are either a phono stage or an upgraded amp/receiver. Being really picky the current system can be a bit bright and aggressive in treble so something that tamed that a little would help- some of this is due to the room which has lot of glass/hard surfaces and despite best efforts is never going to be ideal.

Any advice welcome and appreciated, thanks for taking time to read


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