Upgrade - Onkyo 805 to 809?


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I've got a bit of an upgrade sweat on and was wondering if anyone had moved from an Onkyo 805 to an Onkyo 808 or higher and what your thoughts were. I was thinking of getting the 809.

I use my Onkyo 805 for 100% movies and am very happy with the sound I get through HDMI from my SVS speakers in my signature.

I was thinking that I would like to try out the height channels that can now be had from the latest Onkyos as I have 2 SVS SBS bookshelf speakers spare and can easily add them to my system above my plasma.

I am purely interested in knowing if the 808 or 809 would offer 'better' sound than I get from my 805. I know this is very subjective but if anyone has any thoughts they would be very welcome.

Many thanks.



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Only comment I would make on the 809 is mine currently suffers from video errors when watching in 23.976.

Awaiting a response from Onkyo.....

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