Upgrade Old DVD Recorders to HD Tuners?


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Hi folks,

I have searched the net for anyone trying to do something similar but I'm afraid that I don't see anything.

I have 3 DVD/HDD recorders in my home and later this year in Ireland/UK they are switching off the analogue signal. Only one of the receivers can handle digital but only SD.

I was wondering if it was possible at all to change the tuner card in these receivers? The unit I opened to have a look was a Philips DVDR5570H/05 and it seems to have a seperate DTT tuner.

If I was able to install a T2 tuner card then I could pick up the Saorview and FreeView HD signals on my existing receiver.

Has anyone thought of doing this or would it even be possible? The tuner is made by NXP in that model anyway.



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They wouldn't be able to record HD content anyway so no.


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No it's not. Also it couldn't cope with the higher data rate.


Why not if they had a HD card installed? The philips software not compatible?

It is impossible from almost every conceivable level... apart from the fact that no such card would ever be available.
Consumer electronics are not modular in the same way that PC's are.

HD receivers and recorders have to be designed from the ground up to handle the different compression systems, security systems, bandwidth handling, digital delivery systems which are all mandatory for HD recorders.

Forget the idea - It is impossible.

Your only option would be to use external HD tuners which could then feed an analogue feed into these extant recorders. The feed would be in SD only.

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