upgrade of mains cable


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Just wondered whether anyone had upgraded their mains cable - and as a result noticed any appreciative difference (if so what)

tempted to try one of the Russ Andrews upgrades for my panny 6

thoughts :p


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I have connected a Russ Andrews high current power lead to my Thomson LCD TV and a YellO to the 17” Relisys. The answer is yes it certainly made a big difference in my case. Colours are brighter, the picture much more 3-D and less noise in the background. Initially I had the YellO on the 27” but when I fitted the high current power lead this made a noticeable improvement.


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I use a Sound Fantastic mains block to protect my AV kit and filter for a better quality mains supply...seems to work well...


P.S. If you PM "Mark Grant" on this forum he can make you some handmade mains cables that will rival the RA ones for a much better price...


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Mark Grant made my SKY+ power lead. I never complained about my SKY picture quality since. I am too tight to spend money on plasma power lead it's already miles better than anything I've seen in the shops.

Stephen Wilde

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So which of the above three suggestions is best and why ?????


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If one gets a mains block, do you still need to change individual leads from block to components, eg TV, Sky, sound system?


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The excellent www.RussAndrews.com website has documents that can be downloaded, you just need to register your details. One of them cover mains and goes into great depth on what to upgrade first.

The suggestion is to sort out mains first, including leads, extensions, main sockets and if you can afford it a new mains ring/spur.

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