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    I have a CX-850D (multi regioned). This is connected to a Sony VW10HT via a Denon AVC-1D. All connected with S-Video.

    This player is now getting full (currently have 182 discs with several more on order) and it doesn't play RCE discs.

    The RCE isn't really an issue as I have a US Pioneer machine which takes care of them. But the list is growing. This player also has component out which I'm going to try this weekend to see if my failing eyesight can tell the difference.

    The next step will be to replace the CX850 with another multidisc changer.

    Does its new brother (the 860) support Progressive Scan? I know its got component.

    What other choices do I have. I'd like to stick with a multichanger. I know the interface on the 860 (and 850) is naff, but I use an index list of my films driving a pronto so I never use it.

    I'm passing the video signals through the AVC-1D. Is this good, bad or indifferent. I could go direct to the projectorm but would lose the amp's on screen display Is this still a good idea for PS?

    I'm projecting onto a 7ft OWL screen. I read in another post (from Spectre I think) that PS on anything over 6ft is bad. Why?

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