Upgrade Marantz PM7000N for better phono stage with KEF LS50


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Hi - my first post. During Covid-19 lockdown, my 20 year old Arcam amp had its chips. So started the search for a new amp. I decided on a Marantz PM7000N thinking it would be good for the Google smart speakers i have (which isn't that great with voice controls) and the KEF LS50s i've got. It sounds good but it all sounds a bit too bright and trebly. The streaming is fine, and CD sounds great (despite a tad bright). But when listening to my Rega Planar 3 (with Ortofon 2M red), it just sounds way too bright, lacks bass and flat compared to my previous Arcam. I borrowed a Rega Fono Mini A2D to see if that made a difference. The detail was improved vastly but still maintained that bright treble which is beginning to annoy me. I think it's the amp making the high end too much. Anyone else have a similar experience? Now i'm thinking of ditching the whole set up for another amp and a separate streamer. What improvements could you receommend? I want to keep my LS50 because i LOVE them! Maybe the Rega Rega Fono MM MK3 would help? Any advice appreciated.


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No doubt you have got very use to how the Arcam sounded and having a new amp is going to take some time in getting to know how it will eventually sound. In other words the grey matter needs retraining. I know nothing about the smart speakers or how they sound but I'm surprised in you finding the LS50s bright with the Marantz amp.

The LS50s can be quite a forward sounding speaker and in audition I found that characteristic not to my taste. However I would have expected the nature of the Marantz to have somewhat tamed it. A different cart may help with the TT but I doubt a different Fono would make that much of a difference.

I would experiment a little with the speakers positions in your room, are they picking up high frequency reflections, is there a window nearby. Little things can make a difference in how an amp the speaker work in tandem.

If you can still return the Marantz then perhaps audition another make. With Rega kit it would make sense to try the Elex-R if you just need the services of a pure analogue amp.


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Thanks so much for the prompt reply. The speak positioning helped actually by pushing them back a bit (increased the effect of the bass). Next step a better cartridge! This is a great forum - cheers!

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The 2M Red is quite a bright & breezy cartridge. I would change it as and when funds allow for a 2M Blue or Bronze stylus, these styli have a bit more warmth and body as well as detail.


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The PM7000N is like 2 amps in one. With & without the "source direct" enabled. With it enabled (paired with the LS50) it can be very bright, but routing through the Marantz circuits it tames it a lot and makes it much warmer, and of course you can then use the treble controls to turn it down a bit if you prefer.

I have changed speakers now, but I quite like sparkly treble, so mostly left it on source direct. For some types of music, long sessions or late nights I would turn it off and let the Marantz sound warm things up a bit.


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I have martin Logan ESL entry level electrostatic floor speakers and a martin Logan 800x sub. Would the Marantz 7000N work best vs the Yamaha s801? Also wanted to know how the streamer worked in the Marantz

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