Upgrade Marantz 5200 to ??????????


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I've had a Marantz 5200 receiver for about a year now and thinking I may upgrade sometime soon.

One of the reasons I went for the Marantz was that it had a good reputation for music as well as movies and I was trying to cut down on the number of boxes! As it happens, I have been lured back into a separate stereo amp (the Cyrus II, with PSX power supply), which no AV receiver can hope to compete with.

So, any new receiver only has to excel at movies.

My immediate thoughts are the Denon range and I wondered if anyone has views on how the following models stack up against each other......2802, 2803, 3802, 3803. Clearly, they increase in price, but, I don't know if the sound quality increases as well. For instance, is a 3802 better than the newer 2803?

I have a 5.1 set-up and all speakers are Wharfedale (Diamond 8.1 for fronts, DFS-18 bi-polars at rear and a centre) together with a Velodyne VX-10 sub.

Any comments/views will be welcome:D :D :D


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Upgrade your speakers first perhaps. IMHO the amp will be outclassing the speakers.

Then if its just for movies perhaps consider the pioneer range as well.

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