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Upgrade help please!


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Hi there, this may get a bit complicated but please bear with me. I am currently on a 30 day sim only deal with ee using and old iPhone 4s, but my contract is in my wife's name as she gets a nhs discount. I want to get a new phone so was looking at the Samsung s7 at £22.99 24mths on ee a month from mobiles.co.uk but to get that I would have to change my number which I don't won't. So how do I go about getting that deal? Do I firstly need to change my current contract into my name then get pac code, get a pay as you go sim from another provider, transfer my number to that then get my pac code from them to transfer back to ee on the new contract that came with the phone? Does that sound right? Is there another way? If I just upgrade it would cost twice as much a month.
Any advice would be great!


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You've lost me and seem to be making it more complicated than it is! You'd just wait till the end of the 30 days or a few days before and just phone them and tell them you want to upgrade to the other contract with the S7, you shouldn't need to change numbers to do that , they'd just switch you over to the new contract.

Best thing to do is phone them and ask because normally you can upgrade a few weeks before the end of a contract but that's with 12/24 month contracts I've had, I'm not sure if the rules are different with the 30 day rolling contract.

Edited to add I didn't read it properly(just woke up) and saw you want to buy from that website. Again I'd just ring EE and ask, they'll tell you exactly how to go about getting that deal. I don't think you'd need a PAC code though as your staying with the same network.


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What BM08 said. You're overthinking it.

No need for PAC as you want to stick with the same network. Simplest way would be to get the new contract from EE from mobiles.co.uk and then call EE to ask them to transfer your old number across from your old EE contract to your new one. Might be easier to keep everything in your wife's name but not necessary.


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I don't think EE will let you change numbers within their network. You will need to move networks and come back to use your old number.


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I've done this on a business SIM only. They sent me a new business SIM, registered that and then arranged for my old consumer EE number to transfer across which took 1 hour.


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Thanks for the responses. I have managed to sort it out as follows- got change of ownership done then asked for the pac code straight away. The following day I got a call from EE asking what deal I had seen that I wanted to leave for, so I told them it was the mobiles.co.uk deal for the s7 2gb unlimited texts and calls for £22.99. They offered me the same deal but could not do the free Samsung watch so I said I will leave it. I moved to payg 3 sim for a few days, ordered the mobiles.co.uk deal which has now come. Got my pac code from 3 and moved my number back to EE and the watch is on its way so happy days

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