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Apr 29, 2002
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Now my 930 is a few years old and having just received a pay rise fat wallet is looking to slim a little.
So, is the 1080 a big step forward or should I bite the bullet and go for 555 or Denon 3802?
Does the 1080 have a learning remote?
Thanks Ged.
I went for the 1080 simply cos I really wanted silver and the 3802 only comes in black & gold - or Denon would have had my cash tout suite.

My other choice would have been the Kenwood KFR X9995D for about 1100 from unbeatable, but I just coudn't justify it.

I'm still waiting having ordered 2 weeks ago mind you, as they seem to be a bit tricky to get hold of.

depends on how much you want to spend!
If you have a Barclaycard, do as I did. Pop down to Sony Centre, pick up 1080 with 3 year warranty. Claim difference in price from cheapest online store using Price Promise within 60 days.

Enough to hear and take improvements like multi component input e.tc. Some seem to have the same inputs but differ in price, so does a 555 or 3802 warrant the price hike over the 1080, I don't mind spending the cash as long as it is worth it!
To be perfectly hones, yes, the 3802 and 555 are likely to be sonically superior to the 1080. If you want to spend £500+ then get a demo and decide if it's worth it. I have tried 555 and 3802 and from memory the 555 is the better beast to my ears. Also tried the 333 and was underwhelmed. Not a patch on the 555, just as well get the 1080.

The 1080 is same class as 930 get the 555

The 930 was good, 1080 don't know if it is as good
Well now fat is flat wallet, just bust the bank and brought home a very heavy 555.
Unfortunately it will be sat on the box until sometime next weekend:( due to working all week, plenty of time to read and fiddle with that remote though!

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