Upgrade from Sony 715


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Got ta get into this DTS thing! Any recommends??
Got to have a good picture, be hackable buget £300/400


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Hi, Wiz

I changed my Sony 715 to get DTS. Eventually decided on a Toshiba 510 multi-region from Richer Sounds (yes it does play RCE discs) for £250. I was exxpecting the picture to be about the same as the Sony (I paid £600 for the Sony multi-region when it first came out!), but was plesantly surprised to see distinct improvement in black level and detail (contrast). The 510 also has component out with progressive scan for NTSC material, and I am considering whether to purchase the relevant lead for my Sony HS1 projector to try progressive scan.

I have found DTS surround to be a mixed bag, with some films I noticed a distinct difference (improvement?), with the bass being more pronounced and the general sound being "fuller", but with some DTS discs I cannot tell the difference. Still worth having imo.

Good luck




I went from a 715 to a Sony NS900V for the SACD. It was chipped by the Sony Centre before I picked it up. Price £450.00
It is a really good player..


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Cheers guys

Just wanted an honest opinion. When I bought the player I had a rush of blood to the head, boy did I get a tongue lashing from the wife followed by the silent treatment! Anyway did't want to spend another £600 (Tempo remember them)


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