upgrade from sky+ pace v2 40gb to 160gb?

Daddy k

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got a letter from sky saying if i recomend someone they will change my box for free from my current pace v2 40gb to a 160gb box. i have 2 people who defo want sky+ as it is so the question is
what make is the 160gb box?
and storage space besides am i better off keeping my pace and upgrading my hd whenever i feel the need?
if i dont have the box i can have £50 of m&s vouchers :boring:

mmmmm wonder if they will let me have the other box for free if i take it along with a new multirom sub? so id have 2 sky+boxes running


Standard Member
Kris, I think the 160Gb box is a Thomson, but I haven't got one.
I have upgraded my Pace v2 to a Maxtor 160Gb. It cost £60 and is a simple 20-30 min job.


Daddy k

Distinguished Member
cheers pal.
i know the job of diy upgrade is easy, and at the moment storage aint a problem so not in rush to get 160gb drive. but as its free im thinking well why not, but if the thompson box is pants, or there are probs whith picture break ups or something (sure i read stuff about pic quality months ago and with a 42" plasma need decent pic quality)
id rather stick with my pace v2.
anyone upgraded from pace v2 to thomson 160?

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