Upgrade from Samsung HU8500 to an OLED


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I have a 65" Samsung HU8500 which cost around £3k in 2014 - it's still going strong - but am becoming more and more tempted by an OLED. OLED would be around the £2k mark - Panasonic HZ1000 or Sony A8.

My questions are:

1 - Best to keep the Samsung until it breaks or get some cash for it now whilst its still alive? Can anyone give a rough idea as to its worth?
2 - I've seen plenty of OLEDs but can't get one side by side to my Samsung - I assume there is a clear difference in quality and its not my imagination?
3 - I watch sport and Netflix (no gaming) - if I were to buy an OLED, from my limited research, now is not the best time (wait until end Q1?) I have JL to price math Martin Dawes for both the OLEDs mentioned above - £1999 for Panasonic, and £1850 for the Sony

Any help from someone who knows their stuff gratefully received.



Hi Tom, hope I can help!

1. Probably looking at around 300-400 now I'd expect. I've seen TVs from 2016/17 selling for slightly more than that, with good HDR capabilities. You can always look up past listings on eBay, or look at similar TVs in the classifieds here.
2. Yes, massive difference. Especially if you are using HDR content. With sport especially OLEDs are impressive because there's no motion blur.
3. If you watch sport I'd consider putting the Sony ahead of the Panasonic as Sony have a reputation to display motion to a higher standard. If you're not picky about motion though, Panasonic is fine, and they do have the edge over Sony when it comes to sheer picture accuracy out of the box. The HZ1000 also doesn't tend to be as good value for money as the cheaper HZ980.


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I can recommend the Sony A8, great image with sports and Netflix!

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