Upgrade from Panasonic 42PX80 to Sony 42W4500?


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I can get a pretty good deal for my 42PX80 (few weeks old). Since I mainly play games on the tv, and watch bluray from pretty close by, I'm thinking about upgrading to a FullHD tv.

For now, I'm doubting between the Panasonic 42PZ81 (plasma) and the Sony 42W4500 (lcd). Which one would be the 'better' upgrade and why?


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Isn't LCD better for gaming than plasma usually?


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LCD probably edges it for gaming. Just to point out the Sony is only a 40" screen.:thumbsup:


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I would say more of a side step than an upgrade, as they both have their plus and minus points.

Plasma will give you a smoother gaming experience, but might have some IR if you game heavily. No IR on the sony and if you are close (say 5ft) then 1080p is worth it so you don't see the pixel structure, but there might be some input lag (not sure can someone clarify), and the screen is smaller.

Hard choice and good luck :D


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Go for 40W4500 instead of PZ80/PZ81. W4500 is reported to have no lag and no risk of any image retentions. Only thing you need to be sure of is that your new set does not suffer from too much clouding.

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