Upgrade from Olympus E-PL1??

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I'm looking to upgrade from my E-PL1 which I've had from new.
Haven't used it for ages but have a nice holiday coming up this summer and I'd like to take some decent pictures while we're away.
The E-PL1 is obviously getting a bit long in the tooth now, so I'm thinking of getting something a bit better and more up to date.
I have a few lenses I bought at the time, which are quite decent so wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a newer camera where I could utilise these?
I'd be quite happy with a newer Olympus, say an O-MD mark IV, but am aware that my lenses will fit other brands.
Any suggestions please?
Many thanks


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I'm guessing if you've stuck with the E-PL1 for so long you're not going to be excited about lots of bells and whistles or a much larger camera?
Something small, light and easy to use with good image quality?

The obvious successor to your E-PL1 is the E-PL10 - it's a little bigger but has a higher resolution sensor, better screen, better stabilisation, WiFi for image transfer and remote control.
It's the smallest Micro 4/3rds camera Olympus now make.

The OM-D E-M?? line cameras come in 3 model lines which cover size, features and cost- like BMW 1, 3 and 5 series get bigger and more expensive.
Then there are revisions to each mark i, mark ii etc. based on their age.

OM-D E-M10 is the smallest and cheapest
E-M5 is slightly larger, more expensive and has more features (mostly)
E-M1 is the larger again, much more expensive and many more features.
E-M1X is even bigger, more expensive etc.

Their latest, greatest is the OM1 just released and the last Olympus branded camera released by the new owner of the camera division. Olympus sold their camera division to a new company called OM Digital Systems last year.

If you wanted something with an electronic view finder (EVF) as well as a touch screen then the E-M10 line is great. I have an E-M10ii which has been replaced by the iii, iiiS and iv but none of them have enough features to encourage me to pay to upgrade. I started on the E-PL5 and moved on via the mark i M10.

I'm sure either the E-M10iiiS or the iv will be a massive step up from what you currently have and give you lots of lovely pictures

I'd be quite happy with a newer Olympus, say an O-MD mark IV, but am aware that my lenses will fit other brands.

You're right that your lenses will fit on any Micro 4/3rds (a.k.a. M43) camera.
Panasonic are the other major manufacturer

The GX80 and GX9 are the smaller bodies but I don't know a lot about them.
In general people rate Olympus for stills and Panasonic for video but they're all very capable.

For my money, if you're happy to go used then the E-M10 mark ii is an absolute bargain - though they're also getting reasonably old these days.
Forum sponsor MPB has a selection at £209 for excellent condition.

You can search used prices from all over the place at this site

If you want to easily compare the cameras I'm mentioned for size I've put a link here.
They don't have the E-PL10 but the 9 is quite similar.

All the pictures linked from Flickr in my signature are taken on Olympus cameras, anything in the last few years on the M10ii.

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Thanks very much for the info, it's much appreciated.
What is the old saying... A fool and his money???
My finger has been hovering over the buy it now button for a few days, and I've literally just gone ahead and ordered the O-MD mark IV.
Should be here next week and the good thing is my current lenses will work.
Having said that, just managed to buy a brand new 14-150mm 4.0-5.6 for £235.00.
Bit of a bargain looking at the retail price!
But thanks again
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And the spending spree continues...🥺🥺🥺
My lens collection has now increased with the acquisition of four new f/1.8 primes as well.
17, 25, 45 and 70.
All "mint" used examples.
The 70 in particular is really, really sharp!
That's enough for now.
Loving the camera by the way

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