Upgrade from MA RS8, RSLCR, RSFX, BK Monolith DF, Onkyo NR905. New Square room with lots of windows.


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Had this setup since 2007ish with an Optoma HD65 720p projector in our living room, but now want to sell it all and put the cinema in another area. I'm lucky enough to have an outbuilding with a multi purpose room that I want to put the new system into.

Unfortunately the new room is square. about 5m x 5m with a 4m long patio door on the back wall (shown on the left hand side of the plan below), and a 2m patio door on the left wall (top of plan below). Possible ear height speaker positions are in red. The MLP is roughly in the middle of the room. I may put an ultra short throw projector in, but the room has white walls and big windows, so I think I'll start with a 65" or 75" TV.

I can put the left, centre, right speakers in-wall if it makes sense, as there are 2"x4" studs at 400mm centres against the block wall, with OSB then Plasterboard. This gives me 125mm or so clearance.


I like my existing speakers, but they are large floor standers, and I want to move to smaller wall mounted units. I could keep the RSLCR, and RSFX, get another pair of RSFX, some new Left and Right, and ceiling speakers. I'm aiming for 7.1.4

Otherwise I'm looking for suggestions for inwall or onwall Left, Centre Right, and on-wall surrounds, and ceiling speakers. I can see the Denon X3700H receiver seems popular as a replacement for my Onkyo.

I guess I'll need bass traps and other treatments to deal with the square room?



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I suppose the obvious question is which do you prefer: In-Wall or On-Wall cosmetics wise. have you a fixed budget enabling everyone to assist with what's available to you to. If you went with In-Wall, you can get a lot more speaker for the price, however you also have to do far more work to house it which offsets the price point massively

If you have a healthy budget, then the new Focal 300 IWLCR6 for the front three with IW6 for the surrounds. If you wish to keep the Atmos speakers from the same range, the Focal also have the ICW6 and ICW8 but the beauty of Atmos is you do not have to stay with the same brand of speakers and you can pick and choose to suit your budget. If you do go for a different brand, do make sure you look at an 8" driver (like the Klipsch CS-18C if you have the depth) as my experience from customers is that they always comment on this one factor as making a bigger difference

If its On-Wall, then Dali Opticon or Rubicon are always a firm favourite, but for alternatives you can look at Monitor Audio Soundframes, Kef's T-Series and M&K's M Series

All of the above speakers are good quality however you really need to listen to the On-Walls where possible as I feel coming from the Monitor Silver Series, you may not get on with the Kef's

The NR905 will be a big amp to fill with performance levels and thankfully you are replacing the speakers as if you was keeping them, I don't think the Denon AVC-X3700H would be good enough


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Thank you for helping to focus my thinking! I'm now considering in-walls and in-ceiling all round. The studs are going up in a week or so, so they could easily be 2x4 all round which will give me enough depth for 8" units.

The Rears (shown as yellow blobs on the diagram below) would be facing each other. Would that be a problem? Otherwise I could mount them so they face towards the front speakers, but the one on the red cupboard wall would be slightly further forward than the other. Which would be better?

I hadn't considered spending so much on the speakers, but I could if it is worth it. Given the square room shape, and the reflective floor which will probably be vinyl plank with rugs, and the large amount of glazing, Will I will get the benefit from that level of speakers?

For the speakers at least, I'd ideally get 2nd hand, but I suspect that suitable on-walls would be harder to find, and in-walls would be very rare. What would be on/inwall speakers to look out for?

Those in-walls don't have a box around them. Is there anything I need to do within the wall to maximise the quality? eg. insulation between the studs, sealing up those studs? The walls will be Block, Stud, OSB, Plasterboard.

Lots more research for me to do. Thanks for helping.



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If you do go for in-wall/ceiling, you are always better buying the best you can afford as when it comes to upgrading, its much harder to upgrade the speakers than amplification, so install for future upgrades even though you won't always hear the benefits today as long term it will be a lot cheaper

The rears should be fine if they are pointing to each other as they are a good distance from each other

If budget it tight, then you could look for something like the Radius HD range and maybe the 250 or even Kef's T-101 or T-301 for rear duties. Across the front, maybe see if you can find some Monitor Audio Apex A40's. This system will rely on a good woofer delivering the bottom end, so be warned that buying smaller speakers it has to accommodate more midrange/depth areas of the sound stage.

So, if budget is difficult, maybe keep the front three and look at using the 905 as a power-amp as it has multi-channel in (turn its volume to about 50%) and then add the Denon AVC-X3700H and use its multi-channel pre-outputs plus some new speakers for the rears (usually I'd say replace the front three first, but these are still good and you'll need some good on-walls to better them). With Atmos, you should also be able to use the Denon for those duties. Then you can do incremental upgrades allowing you to better suit your budget and room (even though it won't be the ideal solution to start with)


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Thanks again - that's a good idea. I'll do 7.1 for now - keep the front speakers and the 905, and just get in wall rears and sides, which means I can upgrade slowly.

You mentioned 8" drivers. Was that just for the ceiling speakers or all of them?
Would I notice a difference from changing the BK Monolith for something else at the moment?
Presumably you recommend the Focal range over something like the Monitor Audio CP-IW260X?


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Yeah, the 8” driver was for Atmos in-ceiling speakers

The monolith isn’t something I’ve experienced although I know many people keep them for a very long time which is usually a good sign on performance levels. So you’ll maybe need to have an audition to hear if you think the improvements really are warranted. I suspect it’ll have to be something special to better it

The Focals are just easy to drive and just seem to be the stars of the moment. So, if in the future you did drop down to the X3700H, they will still sound great and present no difficulty in driving them making them a sensible buy without feeling as though you have had to compromise

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