upgrade from DSP E800 / HK AVI 100 help me sort my mess


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Current system setup :

Yamaha DSP E800
Harmon Kardon AVI100 (old prologic amp) powering fronts using the pre ins (This is actually quite a cracking power amp in this unit, the pre-amp lets it down in a big way, no matter here though)
Nintendo Wii - component
DVD22 - component
also have a pansonic dvd recorder (EZ47?) with hdmi out and component and s vid
NAD cd player

display Panasonic PWD8 EDT V Plasma - s vid / scart and vga/component boards
Mitsubishi HC4000

Speakers, various, floorstanders and bookshelfs,

This is all over the place IMO - I'm looking for a nice AV amp that will 'bring everything together'

I'm currently using the sky svid into the Yamaha and then the monitor out and the vcr out to both the tv and the projector
The HTPC hdmi feeds straight to the Projector and the VGA goes into a vga switch box
The Wii goes into the VGA switch box via a component to DB15 cable. The vga box output goes to the plasma (I then choose VGA/component in the plasma setup menu to get the right pic on the TV)

The DVD hooks up via Svid in to the amp as well for output to both the proj and TV (no t using the DVD22 just now)

This means I need to flip amp sources, flip projector sources, manually choose vga box inputs (pressing a button) and flip TV input sources, and flip TV input signal settings.... Even I know what I'm doing and I get confused by this sometimes.

I think Ideally I'd like to feed into this all my sources and output to component as both the TV and the projector take component, if need be I can split the component out to each display.

The wii, dvd, and I beleive I can take RGB from the Sky box and feed it through the component switcher (at least in the Harmon Kardon AVR 507 I didn't get a chance to try see other thread) also the projector and the plasma will both take component in through the DB15 socket.

Sure I could blow 5K or what ever and get a HDMI plasma, and get a wii u for HDMI and etc but can't I just get an older amp with these features that will suit me now?

Perhaps some kind of amp that takes in s-vid/ component / and fires it all out to component and/or hdmi?

Also what kind of amp do I need to upgrade from to get an improvement - the yamaha has done me well, but Ideally i'd like an integrate done box solution to help declutter a bit. Would something like a 673 be any good? What HK amp would you recommend?

Wanted to add as well the amps with the DLNA / network playback itunes playback etc look preetty neat - does anything handle this additional request?
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The issue is that while you can buy AV receivers with video processing that can convert analogue sourced video to HDMI digital, you cannot unfortunately get one that will fascilitate the conversion of HDMI to non digital outputs. You need tio look at more than just the receiver. Component, SCART and S-Video are no longer viable and the emphasis will be in favour of HDMI if you buy a new AV receiver. While many will include and passthrough component video, you'll find that the receiver is geared towards HDMI.

I think you should be stepping up to the fact that you need to be looking at replacing both your display and the AV receiver? If you cannot face up to this then stick with what you've got until you can.


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I think you should be stepping up to the fact that you need to be looking at replacing both your display and the AV receiver? If you cannot face up to this then stick with what you've got until you can.

I'm willing to forgo HDMI, the only thing that uses it is the HTPC which can be piped straight into the projector/ or I can just output component if I really have to.

So I guess what I'm asking is what is the best component video orientated AV amp of recent-ish times (and even better if it can take in hdmi and upconvert componet to hdmi for future proofing)?

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