upgrade from denon 2910 to 2900 ?


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Would it be considered an upgrade if i change my player from a 2910 denon to a 2900 used. My screen shows up artifacts with the faroudja progressive mode so I am using it in interlaced mode to the screen via component. I have also heard that the sil504 is much a much better chip for dvd playback [filmmode].

Any 2900 owners out there with panny screens? Or anyone else with useful advice? I would also consider a pio dv989.:confused:


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I've got a panny, but it's a projector and have had experience with both DVD players, I'd consider the 2910 better with video if you use the HDMI, and not a lot in it (to my eyes) over analogue.

the 2900 is far better with music IMHO

I'm sticking with my 2910 though, have you considered upgrading the firmware of your 2910? it only takes a few minutes and that might give you an improvement if yours has an older firmware


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Firmware upgrade won't help mate...it's the macroblocking issue with the Faroudja 2310 chipset that's the problem and the panny plasmas seem to accentuate the problem...which is a shame as 95% of the time my 3910 looks great over HDMI.

The 2900 was a great player also...I had one too...but not sure I'd want to go back to one now.

I'm going to get myself a scaler and SDI mod my 3910 so that'll cure the problem for me.

Cheers, Lee


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Thanks for the response.

It is the blockiness caused by the faroudja chip on certain discs which has got me thinking about a denon 2900 which is supposed to be superior with analogue outputs according to the majority [sil504 chip] which does not cause any type of blocking or blotchiness inherent in the 2910 on backgrounds and scenes with clouds smoke etc.


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I've got a 2900 and use it with a PW7 panel - EXTREMELY happy with the results. I am delighted with the PQ, and I've been able to compare directly with the 2910 as I have a friend who had one on loan while Sevenoaks sorted out his 2200. He has a PW6.

We were both of the opinion that the progressive PQ over component was superior in the 2900. I took my 2900 round and we ran test scenes from several DVD's with both units. In the end, he had to switch progressive off on the 2910 cause the PQ was so rubbish.


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thanks for the info. I purchased a 2900 a few weeks ago and sold my 2910. The picture is quality is much better on the 2900 with no crappy blockiness and noise that the 2910 displayed on my screen.

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