Upgrade from CRT to Plasma


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I currently own a Panasonic TX32PD30 CRT TV. I'm considering upgrading this to a plasma and mounting it on my wall above my fireplace. My current shortlist is a Pioneer 436xde or a Panasonic TH37PV500. I like the idea of the pioneer as it has the external media box.

I've read loads of threads regarding these two but can't appear to get a consistent answer. I've seen them in comet side by side but don't trust the PQ from these places.

Can anyone advise as me if the picture quality would be better than my current crt.

Is it worth me spending the cash?
Is something better coming soon?
Should I wait?

My main viewing will be sky+. I do watch some DVD's but these are mainly my little girls nemo etc.

Any help would be great



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I also have a 32" panny 100hz (TX32-PF10), I bought a PV500 and the picture is fantastic, I have never regretted buying it. It is a better picture than the 32" CRT.

I don't think there are any new models coming from Panny or Pioneer, the PV500 and the 436 are the latest models.


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I was originally looking at a plasma with a tuner but i only use sky also so ended up buying a panel only plasma (PWD7) - we are very pleased with it. We had a 28" JVC CRT. Now I look forward to watching every night! :thumbsup:
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