Upgrade from b&w cm5 to FA906?


Hey guys. I have cm5 speakers that i really like but i'm still curious what else is out there. Problem is i dont really have any showrooms in my location where i could demo different speakers to spot the differences between them. For example I have read a lot of good reviews about Focal Aria 906. Would they be considered an upgrade or downgrade? If downgrade is there anything better sub 1k € out there?
Primary use is for home theater (I have Monolith 12" to help with bass) and mostly 80's music.


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You running 2.1 system?

Aria range is basically similar level to B&W 700 serie and the CM range was before that. There is indeed lot of praise objective/subjective reviews for FA906, but as always tricky to buy blind. Maybe you have some return period if you talk with dealer so you can listen at home and decide?

If you looking purely for HT use then consider also Monoprice Monolith THX Ultra speakers as they go about 1k€! They are very popular all over world. You don´t need to use the upfiring bounce modules necessarily.

The centre is out of stock, but coming.

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