Upgrade from B&W 702 s2 to 803 d3.. is to worth 8 grand?


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I have read people driving the new B&W D3 speakers with lesser receivers to party levels without issues on US forum. That AVR850 is still Arcams flagship model (Class G amp) so i would be intrested what type of volume levels he has used. This receiver is quite powerfull if comparing to others. In German review it benched 7channels continuosly 4ohm load 134w so it should have decent power supply.


2 channels driven, 20Hz - 20kHz, <0.02% THD - 120W (8ohm)/ 200W (4ohm)
I had been using the speakers as a part of a 5.1 HT package apart from stereo listening..I wonder if I overdrove the amp when doing so, as the 803 d3s need 8 ohms. The pair of surround 607s also need 8 ohms as does the centre speaker..perhaps it overheated?


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I had been using the speakers as a part of a 5.1 HT package apart from stereo listening..I wonder if I overdrove the amp when doing so, as the 803 d3s need 8 ohms. The pair of surround 607s also need 8 ohms as does the centre speaker..perhaps it overheated?

Very odd if you listened moderate volume, not loud with subwoofer and speaker size was set small for all. If you are worried for future then you can consider poweramp for the D3s, but it will cost +1k£.


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Unfortunately the general public are at the mercy of some of those rip off merchants, especially when we purchase high quality items which are just too expensive to throw away. Not all of them are out to rip people off but the general practise unfortunately, is to inflate the costs of repairs in many cases. Many local repair shops simply went out of business because the price of electronic items and white goods has dropped markedly over the last 20 years due to far cheaper manufacturing (The throw away culture)

Re: the Birmingham outfit you have asked to quote you, first check out reviews for them on line to see if they have a decent reputation, and decide how much you reasonably really want to pay for repairs and make it very clear to them right at the outset that is ALL all you can reasonably afford.

If you tell them for example that you are only willing to fork out £220 to repair your Arcam AVR before buying a brand new unit instead, they might well consider -if they try to charge a lot more than that amount you may well reject their quote and either go elsewhere or not have the repair done at all therefore losing them a profit for that repair. If you don't give them a figure they will assume that because the Arcam unit is quite an expensive item and (that you're not short of a few bob for owning such a nice unit) that you'll pay ANYTHING to get it working.

Big companies like Arcam dont care one bit about what they quote for repairs or even if you don't go ahead with the repair because they make a high percentage of their profit from selling new units. But smaller local repair shops do care as it's their bread and butter plus they would like repeat custom and for you to recommend them to your family and friends, so they need to be fairly reasonable about how much they charge (unless they are the fly by night type)
If they come back to you with a large figure (over £250) don't immediately accept it (unless money is no object to you) Explain to them that you need a few days to consider it and go from there, they may well reduce the quote there and then for fear you will not go ahead with the repair and they will have only made a small amount of money for the diagnosis.

I can tell you the current costs for those 4 large high quality capacitors in your picture (should they all be bad) is about £32.00 plus vat, the smaller components on the power supply board would be less than £10.00 plus vat unless they have to replace the complete power supply board, and with Arcam seemingly charging whatever the hell they want it's anybody's guess.
The cost of diagnosis can vary but I would assume a competent engineer would be able to diagnose that fault within 2 hours @ £75 per hour.
so: 32+10+ Labour @150 = £192.00 plus vat which would be reasonable if not complete psu from Arcam.
Please Note: Those figures are what I would call reasonable and may not be what you are quoted as all engineers charge differently.

Hope some of that is useful to you Rupert.


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Dear Kapkirk, Thought I’d share the latest updates from the repair company who have sent me back photos of the burnt/ needing to be replaced components in the Arcam 850 AVR. They stated that they are waiting for parts and are sourcing audiophile quality big capacitors. He does look like there’s been a lot of damage done so perhaps their quote of £400 wasn’t too bad!

I got an email from them, this morn.....

Once parts are here will continue the work order.
Keep in mind as stated in the email
10 – 14 working days, since we order the parts.
These are expensive capacitors, not cheap ones. Audio grade quality.’


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