Upgrade from AV8 to AV9 AV Processor


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I currently have an AV9 on dem. The difference in sound quality between the AV8 and AV9 is amazing particularly in the home cinema area, playing DVDs. Dont get me wrong, there was a substantial improvement in playing CDs using stereo direct.

I have two options,

1, Trade in the AV8 for an AV9. (Heavy Cost)
2. Use the upgrade facility, if it is still on offer from Arcam.

The question is,

If I send away The AV8 for upgrade, do I get a fully fledged AV9 back as if I bought it straight (with full AV9 Specs) ?


Would I get beter results going for a trade in?

Thanks in advance on your help


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All Arcam products undergo minor revisions during there lifetime - you need only look at writing on the circuit boards inside them. So a upgraded "late" AV8 will be identical to an "early" AV9.

I had my AV9 upgraded as soon as it became available, and have never regreted it. If I were in the same position now, would I do the same? Yes (probably) but I would be slightly worried that the AV10 (with multi-channel audio via HDMI) may be launched soon??

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Greggles what has been upgraded on your av9? ive just brought an av9 (not got it yet) worried that mine might not be up to date now.i had a chat with the arcam rep and he said arcam will not be making a new fmj processor for a few years yet,because i too was concerned that a av10 would come out soon after spending alot of money on an av9.you might find in other posts of mine that i really wanted to have audio via hdmi,fingers crossed on an upgrade later on,so this will happen on our units.

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bump.anyone know what the av9 upgrades are?


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"Now available as a factory fit for £700, this upgrade comprises:
HDMI capability added
Complete stripdown of the unit
New cables added
Brand new AV9 front and rear panels"


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Sorry, meant to say AV8 upgraded (to AV9)!

i was thinking that.you had me worried.did not want to get my av9 and find out it was not a better spec one.i can chill out now.:smashin:

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