Upgrade from ae100 now or wait?


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Well it's coming up on 2 years since I got my Panasonic AE100 and I haven't had a moments trouble and on over 400 hours now but my SKY+ box packed it in last week so I've ordered a HD box, might as well future proof myself.

But now I'm thinking it might be a good idea to upgrade my auld panny as well, but should I hold off I read somewhere that a few companies have new ranges coming out soon.

I was looking at the PTAE900 for around €1250 thats the same price I paid for my AE100 2 years ago, as HD projectors go how does the AE900 stand up?

Also I have been projecting my AE100 onto a white wall, if I do that with a HD projector will it just kill any extra advantage of having a HD box and projector, will I have to get a screen to get a true HD picture?



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You might want to wait a tad as the new model will soon be launched and likely cause the price for the AE900 to drop.

Also, check this topic, it seems there's much better offers to be had on the AE900 already:

AE 900 bargains


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If you are looking to get rid of the ae100 there is a fellow on here looking to replace/upgrade his toasted one . He might make you a reasonable offer for it on the classifieds.


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Irish1, I'm in the same boat. I have the Panny AE100 and have thought about upgrading, but have been waiting to see how things pan out. Do I go HDDVD or Blu Ray, PC route, Xbox 360, dedicated player, what PJ etc? So many questions. I want it all to settle down a little first before I jump - I'm not an early adopter, but an almost early follower!!

To be honest the Hitachi Ptx200 takes my fancy!
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