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Since moving house 2 years ago, our living room is now silver/blue/beech.

Trouble is my Philips 32" (9632) is black and looks decidedly out of place.

I'm also seeing lots of after images when a bright scenes dissolve to a black scene. Now this may have been always present and since getting my PJ (part of moving in pressie) I may be getting more picky.

'er indoors has given approval to spend my money and get a silver/glass unit.

I think a plasma is out unless I see a very good stand as wall mounting is not really an option.

In the mags there used to be reviews of similar type of tvs pitted again each other. There still might be - I haven't bought a mag since getting my cinema kit in 2000.

the online reviews only list the review of a particular telly. What I want is for a 32" go got this because. Or for a 36" gor for one of these.

Its only for watching sat and VCR/TiVo. The occasional DVD will be the wifes and she's not botthered about quality - she'd be happy with a b&w portable. I have a dedicated cinema room with pj, amp etc so wont need them in the living room. I'm even happy with "normal" stereo - don't need satellite speakers.

Can you still get Picture in Pictire tellies - we would miss that!

Is there anywhere I can read recent head-to-heads be it online a mag

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