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Evening all ;)

I'm very new to higher end headphones, my previous "best" were Sennheiser HD201's for example.

As title, I'm reasonably happy with my Logitech UE6000 'phones but I can't help thinking I'm missing something by using closed back headphones for movies and gaming, isolation is not a concern as they'll be used exclusively indoors - I've heard open back will be better?

Ideally, I wanted to go wireless but ultimately I'd like the best cans for movies and gaming (movies higher preference) - I've got a feeling the UE6000 may be hard to beat in my budget? I prefer a warmer sound, not overly keen on bright.

Budget is £250 and the source will be a PC, but mobo has dedicated headphone amps (TI OPA1652) rated to drive up to 600ohms.

I've researched for hours and I've made some progress but ultimately can't decide. Here's what I've come with so far, along with current prices on Amazon (some can be found used for cheaper on there so I've listed some Open Box (OB) prices):

Sennheiser HD598 - £129 new - Nice laid back neutral sound but lacks a bit of oomph?

Sennheiser HD558 - was £119 new an hour ago, now £159! Ouch - Bit warmer than the HD598 but a bit less clarity?

Sennheiser HD650 - £225 new - No really sure on this one, almost £100 premium on the 598 but doesn't seem to offer much more to the party except a little more clarity?

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250 Ohm) - £102 new or £83.64 OB - Way too bright? That open box price seems decent though

Philips Fidelio X2 - £250 new or £222.13 OB - Good soundstage and signature sound, but is it worth £120 over a set of 598's?

AKG 702 - £136.98 new - A bit too neutral sounding?

Please do remember that I'm a noob and the above are only impressions I've got from reading various reviews! I'm not calling the AKG 702's dull, for example, it's just the vibe I get from reading reviews.

Any of these are very much in budget but I don't want to spend a lot for minimal gains if I can help it.

Music wise, yes I do listen occasionally and my usual genre is rock and a bit of metal (Megadeth or Metallica type, not death/thrash) with some pop thrown in for good measure (why not? :p) but my priority would be multimedia over music if there is a choice to make there.


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Gaming - AKG 702 - You want natural for gaming. Excessive bass ruins positioning audio..
Music - Sen 650
TV watching/movies - X2

Any of the above cans smash crappy gaming headphones....

Personally I'd go for the 650, as they are basically one of the best headphones available for reasonable money.
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OK, cool, thanks. I'm just worried the 650 might be a bit too "lean" for moves. I like my boom, booms haha

Just so you know tho, the UE6000 are not gaming headphones they're £200 proper cans, albeit closed back. They're not particularly well known but are very well respected on head-fi.
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Apologies :)

Well, if you don't play competitive FPS games where position audio is required then the x2 is going to give you the sound you want.


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I eneded up ordering a set of soundmagic hp200 headphones. Signature very similar to hd650 but a bit more fun. Sounds ideal.

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